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NOW is a really great time to

go SOLAR !

When you work with Solar Grid USA, you join the worldwide movement to fight global warming through your support of renewable energy. By installing solar panels on your homes and properties, you become an active contributor in rebuilding a greener planet simply with your continued use of alternative energy sources.



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Solar Financing

100% Financing. Call NOW!

Solar Grid USA is a partner of California First, Ygreen, and the Hero program. 100% of your solar installation project cost is covered.

There is No Income verification required.

No Down Payment required.

No FICO Credit Score check.

Receive 30% Investment Tax Credit.

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Eliminate or significantly reduce your monthly electric bills now. 

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Residential & Commercial Installation

How to Qualify to Own Solar?

  1. Must be the homeowner/property owner
  2. No Downpayment required
  3. No Fico Credit Score required. Not Fico driven
  4. No Income verification
  5. 100% Purchase thru Solar Financing
  6. $80 minimum monthly electric bills
  7. 7.Bankruptcy is Discharged a day after
  8. No more than 1 late payment on mortgage
  9. Presently current on your property tax
  10. No mechanic lien of more than $1,000
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