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"Fight Global Warming

One Solar Panel at a Time"

... and eliminate your electric bills too!

When you work with Solar Grid USA, you join the worldwide movement to fight global warming through your support of the use of renewable energy. By installing solar panels on your homes and properties, you become an active contributor in rebuilding a greener planet simply with your continued use of alternative energy sources.


Welcome to Solar Grid USA Business Opportunity!!!!

We appreciate your time spent with us on a business presentation meeting or one-on-one solar education.

By indicating your interest to engage in solar sales, we are happy to coach you on your daily activities to learn how to market solar power and make unlimited income if you follow the system.

But first, you need to follow these simple steps, as follows:

I. Be Coachable.

2. Be Teachable.

3. Attend our weekly solar training as scheduled.

4. Bring prospective business partners to the meeting in order achieve the unlimited

overrides on the transaction that your business partners made.

5. Bring prospective homeowners to the meeting in order to attend the

solar education and conduct a private interview at their own house

together with spouse and or a person that is named in the title of the property.

6. Complete 1 to 3 training sales with a qualified trainer or a person who brought

you in this business and at the same time make unlimited income while

completing your training sales.

7. Recruit a minimum of 3 business partners in order to be qualified for the next


8. Become a qualified trainer and make money as a trainer.

We are excited to see you on your way to success!

The Management

Solar Grid USA​

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